DIY Pre-Cut window Tint

Pre-cut window tint

To make our services even more convenient, we offer easy to install Pre-Cut Window Film.  You Measure We Cut!

Having your window tint installed by professionals may not be an option because of time and or your budget. 

We are now offering easy to install Pre-Cut Window  Tint for your home apartment or business.   

  • Same Solar Star Film quality  non metallized film we install in homes, apartments and businesses with a Lifetime Warranty with better durability, color retention, and fade resistance verses other brands.
  • Choose from 4 Grades.   
  • All Items are pre-cut  precisely to your measurements. So installation is easy.
  • Free Shipping in the US for orders over $275

Step 1 Choose Your Tint.

Step 2 Measure Each Window Pane.